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What is PRE-STEEP, Why do it?

  • E-liquid is somewhat like wine in that it tastes best after being aged and “aired”. It is accepted that this process allows the flavours to develop their strengths and complexities as well as allowing any sharper notes to mellow out. This process is known as steeping. Different Flavours require different amounts of time to develop but it is generally accepted that fruity flavours take the least time, followed by dairy/dessert flavours with tobacco flavours taking the longest to develop.

    We truly believe, after months of blind testing, that steeping greatly increases the quality of our products, hence why we choose to pre-steep our liquids before we send them to you. Yes, we also steep our doublers, however, we suggest you do give them a few days steep time after mixing with your own PG/VG. Unfortunately, there is no way around this though our doublers will still take significantly less time to steep than a standard doubler.

What is VG/PG?

VG and PG are the two main components of E-Liquid:

PG stands for Propylene Glycol and is a synthetic organic compound that is used in food processing and pharmaceuticals. It is a clear, odourless, slightly sweet tasting liquid. The Propylene Glycol we use is USP Grade and of the highest quality we can source in Australia. Mixes of E-Liquid that are higher in PG are thinner in viscosity and tend to give the user more of a throat hit.

VG stands for Vegetables Glycerine and is a colourless, odourless, thick viscous liquid that is non-toxic. VG also has a slightly sweet taste. It is used in the food industry as an artificial sweetener as well as in pharmaceuticals. We source USP Grade Organic Palm Free Vegetable Glycerine to make our E-liquid and in our opinion, it is the best quality VG on the Australian Market. Mixes of E-Liquid that are higher in VG tend to give less throat hit and produce bigger “clouds”.

The Flavours we use are all USP Grade and are Based in PG.


RTV’s and Doublers are the two main ways that E-Liquid Companies package their liquid.

RTV stands for “Ready to Vape” and literally means that the liquid can be put straight into a tank and vaped as is without any further mixing required.

Doublers are designed to be mixed with your own supply of PG/VG* at a ratio of 1:1. The reason people do this is usually because they want to add nicotine to their E-Liquid. Currently it is illegal to sell nicotine in Australia. The only way for Australian Citizens to legally purchase nicotine is by purchasing from overseas sellers (maximum 3-month supply at a time).

If you would like advice on some reputable stores that sell nicotine or advice on how to mix your liquid, please send us a message on the contact page.

*Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine-These are the two main components of E-Liquid.


A note on our doublers:

Our Doublers are bottled at a ratio of 50VG:50PG and are designed to be mixed up to 65VG:35PG. To do this you must mix your doubler with a VG:PG Blend at the ratio of 80VG:20PG.

For instance: If you have purchased a 15ml doubler, you would mix it with 15ml of VG/PG solution comprising of 80% Vegetable Glycerine and 20% Propylene Glycol. If you are adding nicotine into your mix, this solution would also contain your nicotine.

This ratio is not a requirement, just our suggestion. You can mix your doubler at whatever ratio you prefer. Alternatively, if you would like you liquid at “Max VG”, mix your doubler with straight Vegetable Glycerine.¬†

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